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Groomers Inc is a modern, dynamic Dog Grooming salon in Wishaw, Lanarkshire offering a friendly and professional Dog Grooming Service. Our Wishaw Dog Groomers currently cater for small to medium sized dogs and offer a wide range of Dog Grooming Services from Bath and brush out to a full Breed Specific Groom.
Our Wishaw Dog Grooming Shop has a calm and friendly atmosphere and our Dog Groomers do their utmost to ensure your dog is as relaxed and comfortable as possible with their Dog Groomer throughout the Grooming process.

Services Overview

The bathing process puts the dog at ease and removes dirt from the coat prior to cutting.
Following the bath the next phase is to thouroughly dry the coat and remove any knots or mats. This also massages the dogs skin and aids in restoring circulation.
Many small breeds have hair growth inside the ears which can lead to infection if not removed.
Nails are clipped including Dew Claws which can dig into the paw causing sores.
Many owners like to walk their dogs daily outdoors. We can provide a cut that is easier to manage between grooms, that keeps both dog and owner happy.
We love our 4 legged friends and want them to look their best. Our stylist will provide a professional cut suited to your particular breed.